About “The Obsidian Mirror”

“The Obsidian Mirror” is an adult urban fantasy based on the rich traditions of the Americas. In other words, there’s not a troll, cloaked rider, elf, or wizard to be found, but you will get to meet a mannegishi, encounter the dreaded Mahaha, and consort with ancient gods such as Quetzalcoatl.

Our protagonist, Sierra Carter, is an ordinary woman, a public relations executive in the high tech industry of Silicon Valley, who gets drawn into a dangerous magical adventure via a summons from Quetzalcoatl. She becomes the friend of Coyotl, the Trickster of Native American legend, a mannegishi named Fred, a shaman and a Vodun mambo as she struggles with the mission that she has been given: saving the world from the evil avatar Necocyaotl, who is bent on nothing less than total destruction of the world environment.

The author, K.D. Keenan, is a veteran of  Silicon Valley, having worked in high tech public relations for 25+ years, and as a marketing writer for 12+ years. Keenan currently is Outbound Marketing Director for a small startup in the mobile health field. She has been married for 40 years to the same sweet guy and has two grown children and a granddaughter. She cares deeply about the environment, but worked hard making the novel fun instead of preachy.

2 thoughts on “About “The Obsidian Mirror”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next. I was very amused by the references to the Quetzalcoatl statue in San Jose as I am quite familiar with it having grown up in San Jose. I remember when that statue was first placed there and the various ways people found to try to politely say it looked like a big pile of shit.


    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Laura! It’s always fun when someone recognizes a reference like that–I was hoping people familiar with the statue would find it funny. BTW, “Fire in the ocean” is available now. Sierra and Chaco and Fred continue the adventure in Hawaii.


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