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K.D. Keenan

K.D. Keenan is a writer living in Northern California. She has worked in the high technology industries since 1978 as a writer, content creator and public relations expert. She founded her own PR agency in 1986; Oak Ridge Public Relations, Inc. was named one of Silicon Valley’s Top 25 PR agencies for 10 years running by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. 

Keenan has always been a voracious reader. Having worked through her grandparents’ extensive library of Victorian children’s literature, she began reading fantasy and science fiction at the age of nine—a move that curbed her tendency to write with a mid-Nineteenth Century flair that was greatly under-appreciated by her English teachers.

Keenan began writing The Obsidian Mirror because she had just finished reading another sword-and-sorcery fantasy set in an archetypal European pre-Industrial Age society where the heroes wore cloaks and the world was populated by elves, trolls and assorted other Euro-trash. Having hit a downturn in her freelance work at the time, she decided to write a fantasy based on New World prototypes. Her interest in Native American folklore began with her mother, an archeologist specializing in Southwestern Indian civilizations. To her surprise, Keenan actually finished the novel.

“Fire in the Ocean,” the sequel to “The Obsidian Mirror,” is now available. Set in Hawai’i, this novel explores ancient Hawai’ian mythologies and traditions. Keenan is currently in the midst of writing “Lords of the Night,” the third and final volume in the trilogy. “Lords of the Night” takes our characters to Classical Maya times in the Yucatan peninsula, so it is a historical novel as well as a fantasy.


3 thoughts on “K.D. Keenan Bio

  1. I live in Halawa Valley. You never came down? I read that you talked to Anakala Pilipo (Phillip) up at the lookout? We live totally off grid and grow food and life is good. to bad you could not make it down. Time for me to go see if any Honu came in last night to lay eggs for this season. A hui hou


    • Chris, I did make it to Halawa Valley–twice. The first time, I met Anakala Pilipo. The second time, my husband and I walked on the beach, which is beautiful. I would love to come back some day and see how you are living off the grid. I got to see some of that when I met Ray Naki (Leimana) at the fishpond. I love Moloka’i, and the Moloka’iians are amazing and wonderful people. Mahalo for commenting.


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