Everything Old Is New Again

This post is appropros of nothing at all. My husband, Tom, sends me emails with links to everything he thinks I will find interesting on the Internet. (Yes, this is a HUGE amount of stuff!)

One day, he sent me a link to “Creative and Innovative Packaging,” http://www.toxel.com/design/2014/01/09/creative-and-innovative-packaging/. Amid all the clever design ideas I found this photo for a brilliant new way to package that old standby, the match:

Matches Designed by Fitzsu

Matches Designed by Fitzsu













Clever, yes? Except that I possess a photograph taken sometime in the 1920’s by my great-uncle Lawrence Moore, of a ranch hand named Nacho at Muleshoe Ranch in Arizona, preparing to light his hand-rolled cigarette:

Nacho's matches.

Nacho’s matches.

Hmmm. Guess that hot new match design is…really old. Or–this could be PROOF of time travel!!!! Just like all those old photos of movie stars and war heroes using cell phones…except that Nacho’s matches happened to be real.

OK. Enough frivolity for today.

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