Author Interview: K.D. Keenan

I am interviewed by blogger/reviewer Liis Pallas.

Cover to Cover

Hi, beloved Brain-Babies readers! I’m back with a new author interview! And again- you’ll love this one! 🙂 I am truly lucky to be contacted by such interesting authors who write even more interesting books!

Don’t forget to check in soon, as I will be posting my review of “The Obsidian Mirror”!!!

You can find K.D. on Facebook

You can find The Obsidian Mirror on Goodreads and on Amazon

And here’s the interview. Enjoy! 🙂

The Obsidian Mirror on Goodreads


1. How did the idea for “The Obsidian Mirror” form?

In 2007, I read one of the “Wheel of Time” novels by Robert Jordan. I enjoyed it, but it suddenly made me wonder why so many fantasies are set in a pseudo-European, pre-Industrial Age world or venue. There are thousands of legends, mythologies, folk tales and traditions in the New World; why are these seldom used as source material?…

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