I Wanted Biden to Win. I Am Not Celebrating.

Today, Joe Biden was declared the next President of the United States. My husband and daughter are talking champagne. On Facebook and Twitter people are celebrating. My phone is dinging repeatedly with happy texts of victory. We won! We won!

I always thought when this day came—and I fervently hoped it would—that I would be dancing in the streets, waving my champagne glass and blowing a vuvuzela. 

I don’t feel like celebrating. Biden won by an incredibly narrow margin. That tells me that half of my fellow citizen are just fine with a Nazi dictator. 

They are fine with children kept in cages. They are fine with families being ripped apart. 

They are fine with massive corruption and incompetence. 

They are fine with taking civil rights away from women, people of color, immigrant, non-Christians, and anyone else who isn’t EXACTLY like them.

They are fine with murdering journalists.

They are fine with Russia interfering in our politics.

They are fine with the blatant feathering of the Trump family nest with our tax dollars.

They are fine with a president who talks like a senile wreck and calls everyone nasty names like a third-grade bully. They are fine with a president who lies every day, all day, to everyone.

They are fine with giving away their money to multi-multi-billionaires who pay their employees sub-living wages.

They are fine with destroying Medicare and Social Security.

They are fine with weakening our relationships with faithful allies and snuggling up to the worst dictators in the world.

They are fine with taking affordable medical care away from people in the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years.

They are fine with destroying our environment and eradicating wildlife wholesale.

They are fine with a food supply chain that is unmonitored and unsafe.

They are fine with defunding education and letting the police run rampant with tanks and military weaponry agains unarmed, peaceful citizens.

They are fine with a quarter of a million Americans dying needlessly.

In short, half of the people with whom I share a country are horrible people. Evil, nasty, horrible people who would probably piss on you—or worse—if they knew you were a liberal. 

I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel happy. I don’t feel victorious. I feel immense grief for the country I once thought was great, honorable, kind, and generous. That country—if it ever existed—is dead. Trump wasn’t the disease, he was just the pus oozing from the infection.

5 thoughts on “I Wanted Biden to Win. I Am Not Celebrating.

  1. I’m reposting this to my Facebook page. Reading your comments was a reality check. I did vote for Biden and was truly relieved that he won. I understand from news reports that this win was due in part to Republicans splitting their ticket – they voted for republicans, but not to Trump. Got to love the freedom to vote, to choose.

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  2. I think the next few months may be very scary. Too much hatred has been unleashed, given legitimacy. Finding a place of empathy and compassion, common ground is going to be hard. As horrible as it has been, I think we are better off to have seen that than for it to remain hidden. That is where I find Hope— and working to turn the senate.


    • I agree, Linda. It’s better for us to know than to be ignorant of what we are facing. At present, I am finding hope in the Georgia senatorial run-off in January. There are two Dems facing two Repubs. If either Jon Ossoff or Rafael Warnock wins the run-off, Mitch McConnell will no longer be Senate Majority Leader–and that is worth hoping for!


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