Cover Reveal for “The Obsidian Mirror” (Redux)

I am delighted to announce that Diversion Books has come up with a splendid new cover for the republished version of “The Obsidian Mirror”! It has a lot of the feel of the original, with a lot more sophistication and glamor. LeNew Covert me know what you think:


4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for “The Obsidian Mirror” (Redux)

  1. I had to get my copy to check the difference. It’s striking and I love it but miss the blue color and clouds which made the first cover “other-worldly” and bespoke of a certain fearfulness. Dina

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    • As I created the cover for the first edition (can’t believe I’m saying that), I can’t help but be flattered by your preference, Dina! However, I trust my very professional publisher, and I love the new look as well.


  2. I think it’s a great cover and had put a lot of emphasis on the title which really stands out. With your name at the top it’s a very sophisticated cover.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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