Vote for Your Favorite Coyote!

I sent last week’s cover art to my publisher. One of his comments was: “…the book itself also felt a bit more light hearted than the dark cover with the serious boy (who was definitely not so serious in my mind, as I read anyway).”

The man (Chaco) changing into a coyote is central to my story. Chaco is Coyotl, the trickster folk hero of many Native American cultures. He can shift back and forth at will, and this comes in handy several times during the story. So I’d really like to use the image of the shape-shifting man-coyote. But my publisher is right: the tone of the book is on the lighter side.

I picked out a few more handsome latino men from, where there is a plethora of such men on sale for very little money, and created two alternatives to my original. I present them here for your deliberation: which is the best Chaco: #1, #2, or #3?

I eagerly await your judgement!

Chaco #1

Chaco #1

Chaco #2

Chaco #2

Chaco #3

Chaco #3

7 thoughts on “Vote for Your Favorite Coyote!

  1. I’d go for #1 myself … and I’d also vote for that one as the preferred picture. ;P

    And if it’s a « plethora of [latin] men on sale for very little money, » just give me a jingle and I can point you in the direction for that. O_O


  2. I like #1 best. The shape of Chaco’s nose and jaw mirrors that of the coyote. and the eyes align best (although maybe that just need’s more photoshopping). I do like the curly hair on #2, so I say give Chaco #1 some light hearted curls — or give him a #3


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